CombiKit! The SMART PROTECTION for your car!

CombiKit display
CombiKit display
CombiKit Handbook
CombiKit Handbook
Example of CombiKit on Audi Q5
Example of CombiKit on Audi Q5
Example of CombiKit on W Up!
Example of CombiKit on W Up!

CombiKit is the new way of conceiving the mouldings by Combicar!

Do You want to protect your car giving it a younger and aggressive look  but at the same time elegant?

Consult the Handbook CombiKit to verify a suitable profile to your car, it's simple and intuitive!

Choose the profile indicated by the exhibitor CombiKit and you're done!

Now you can proceed with the simple application of the profiles on your car, following the instructions in the package.

CombiKit is a Combicar product, and as such synonymous of reliability and quality!

The moldings are perfectly adaptable to the body of your car, made ​​from soft PVC anti flame.

The adhesives used are marked 3M and guarantee a perfect seal over time.

CombiKit revolutionizes the concept of universal moldings, offering in one product protection and decoration for your car.

In a single display, the side moldings FOR ALL THE CARS! With CombiKit solve the problems of storage and you WILL sadisfy the request of all your customers!

CombiKit is a NEWS BY Combicar! Beware of imitations!

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