Thanks to its versatility, Combicar is able to fully develop a project and supply the finished product: once the design is completed, the internal construction of the is made, then the profiles extrusion, quality control and packaging are carried out.

The profiles customization for the industrial sectors

The profiles for industrial use require a strong customization that allows the customer to position and/or insert them in their product or  assembly process.

The customer's drawing always represents the starting point, adding then other requirements that Combicar takes in consideration to  develop its project:

- preliminary section of the profile, thickness, length

- technical characteristics (hardness, temperature and chemical agents resistance)

- mounting of the profile, with double-sided tape, adhesive or other pre-positioned system

- rolls for flexibility or pre-cut profiles to guarantee productivity.

Once the design has been completed, Combicar proceeds with the specific die internal realization, the profiles extrusion integrated by the technologies provided, the quality control and packaging.

Customized profiles made by Combicar

During its 40 years of activity, Combicar has created customized products for many industrial sectors:

- Protective profiles for motorcycle helmets positioned along the lower edges of the helmet and chrome seals to close the visor

- Skirting profiles for industrial refrigerators stiffened on the inside with aluminum foils

- Transparent profiles for shower box designed for the protection of the glass or plastic paneling edges

- Protective bars for industrial shelving used as sheet metal covers to prevent impact with shelves edges

- Profiles designed to protect bus overhead and internal surfaces from collisions with passenger luggage, as well as gaskets for front and side windows 
- Fenders and profiles to protect the sides and/or to assemble hull with deck of boats & yachts , and gaskets to compensate the fiberglass lamination imperfections where windshields are mounted

- Gaskets designed for coupling glass or crystal fixed windows with metal frames

- Decoration able to add value to the look of shoes

- Seals designed to provide rebate and soundproofing for sliding doors

- Protective profiles developed to protect the food-shops cashiers from impacts with metal trolleys

- Gaskets and side protection profiles for food-shops horizontal displays.

Collection of customized profiles made by Combicar

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