All Combicar production is based on a deep design phase, employing highly qualified professionals and the most modern CAD software (Computer Aided Design) to design the plastic profile extrusion die that fully matches the project specifications.

Combicar tool's construction department, machinery and equiment

In 40 years of activity the Combicar tool's construction department has designed and produced over 500 steel dies capable of making profiles with very narrow tolerances, using technologically advanced machinery such as:

FANUC EDM machine, that employs electric discharges

- wire erosion machine

- work centers managed with CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software.

The Combicar design services also involve the bulk packaging specifications for each profile, as well as study the most suitable customization to promote and sell it in the related sales channels: in fact, the serigraphs of the profiles with the desired name/brand can also be made and/or design customized packaging for the different points of sale.

The production of dies for the extrusion of profiles

This short video shows how Combicar, starting from the customer's drawing

- first develop a customized project with CAM software

- then carries out the various processes (steel block cutting, surfaces smoothing, drilling and threading, wire EDM, CNC milling)

- finally realizes the die for the production of the profile.



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