Combicar production is driven by a carefully planned production cycle: from the choice of raw materials and semi-finished products, to the testing and packaging of the finished product, all the steps are subjected to careful checks and compliance controls.


The extrusion process of plastic materials is performed through the use of an extruder, a machinery which thanks to the movement of a screw the PVC/EPDM plastic granulate is pushed inside the extruder, from the feeding area to the area where high pressure, friction and heat dissolve the plastic and make it moldable. By coupling a second device to the extruder which mixes multiple plastic materials in a single manufacturing process called coextrusion, the final product can have a flexible or rigid consistency and be made in different colors.

The melted plastic is then pushed into a die, an equipment that shapes the final product based on its specific design.

The extruded profile is cooled by immersion in modular tanks of cold water, and dried by an air jet in order to apply the fixing system provided.

Driven by a roller that runs at a speed regulated according to the quantity of linear meters to be produced, the profile is transferred to the cutting device.


Combicar extrusion department, machinery and equipment

To achieve its annual production of over 1.5 million linear meters of plastic profiles, Combicar has the following machinery and equipment:

- 6 extrusion lines

- coextrusion devices for all 6 lines

- equipment for the application of 4 mounting systems, which carry out the application of a primer or a hot melt hot-melt adhesive, the bonding of a double-sided adhesive, or the application of a butyl sealant.

- equipment that applies a foil to the profile, capable of creating a product with a chrome, pearl or titanium finish

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