Combicar has been always committed to supply top quality extruded profiles, obtained through the employment of high quality materials, advanced machienery, modern technologies, special processes internally developed and guaranteed by ISO 9005 quality system management.


Materials quality

To obtain top quality extruded profiles, Combicar uses:

- exclusively high quality raw materials

- semi-finished products produced by leading companies in the market

- aluminum as a high stability fastening base

- certified fire-proof materials.

Machineries quality

The design of all products takes place according to the requested application and through the use of the most modern technologies, while advanced machinery is employed for the internal manufacturing of high-performance dies.


Bonding quality

The 3M double-sided adhesives guarantees highly effective and reliable bonding to the surface.

Aluminum welding on the profile base 

Thanks to a special process developed by Combicar which welds aluminum on the PVC profile as a base for bonding, a superior quality product is manufacured because:

- stops the migration of plasticizing cells towards the exterior

- does not allow ultraviolet rays to cross the aluminum barrier

- maintains the dimensions of the profile unchanged, preventing the natural shrinkage of the PVC due to temperature changes.

Chrome finishing coating of the profiles

Through a special process a chrome finishing film is welded by the adhesive, thus preventing the ingress of moisture between the PVC and the film itself.

This complete coating (available in chrome, titanium, starbust and aurora colors) makes Combicar chrome finishing profiles particularly suitable to be used as external decoration of cars, campers, trucks, motorcycles and as internal decoration of furnishings. 



Coextruded profiles

By coupling a second extruder that processes multiple materials to the main extruder that works only PVC, Combicar produces special coextruded profiles.

Designed on drawing and specific characteristics requested by the customer, these profiles generally have a flexible consistency in one part of the profiles and a rigid consistency at their base.

Processes quality

The quality requirements of the profiles produced by Combicar are fully ensured by ISO 9001: 2015 certified processes.


Download the Combicar quality certificate from the link below

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