News: Fender 4x4 with a fiber-loaded glass

Section of the profile
Section of the profile
Aesthetic effect
Aesthetic effect

Combicar for 30 years leader in the extrusion of protective and decorative moldings for cars and 4x4, is always looking for new technologies to develop and improve its products.

Is our pleasure to inform you that, following a thorough study of raw materials, and the different reactions of the same at high temperatures, we have modified the production process of our fender Code 205 (of the attached technical drawing), extruding the PVC with a fiber-loaded glass.

This innovative technology allows us to avoid the inclusion of metallic cores inside the profile, which can be very dangerous in case of accidental contact with hands or legs, and at the same time gives the product greater consistency.

The profile then keep a perfect shape and curvature, even when exposed to sunlight and higher temperatures in summer.

The positioning adhesive provides greater ease of assembly, allowing the application of even a single person, the package also has screws for optimal positioning.

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